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Services Content Management System (CMS)
Our web content management system (CMS) makes it easy for you to update your website without having to know anything about web development. With just a few clicks you can update articles, upload photos and videos, change the text on your homepage, or add new products to sell on your website.
The WEB CMS (Content Management System) Web Portal consists of:
  • User management,
  • Web Management,
  • Manage Pages and Navigation,
  • Adding Pages and Sub Pages,
  • Photo & Video Gallery,
  • Event Lists,
  • Guest Book,
  • Blog,
  • Blog Roll,
  • Tag Cloud,
  • News list,
  • HTML Contents,
  • Contact Form,
  • Link List,
  • Banner Setting,
  • SEO Submission,
  • Email Integrated with Google Apps,
  • Google Analytics ,
Grows as your website grows.
You never know how your site will grow, you might need to add a new section or two to your website. That's not a problem, with very little effort we can easily customize our CMS to update new sections of your website.
Keep visitors coming back!
Imagine when a user comes on to your site to see there is no difference on it since the last time he visited... The chances that he will come back again are grim. You have possibly made several attempts to update your website, but you need to pay a price each time and go through a process of updating with your existing Service Provider. Now would it not be wonderful if you could update your website on your own or assign sections of your website to be updated by designated stakeholders of the site!
All the control you'll ever need. Instant updates, any time of day.
With your own custom content management system you'll have complete control over your entire website. You can make an unlimited number of updates at any time of day (available 24/7/365), all you need is your computer and a web browser. As easy as sending an email, with your own content management system you can instantly update your website.