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Solutions School Management
Configuration Management
  • Configure the classes & class-wise subject.
  • Configure fee heads & salary heads dynamically. Categorize fee as per the student categories.
  • Configure the examination criteria like Division, Grade, Passing Criteria, and Result Options.
  • Configure the leave type, P.F. Setting Etc. For salary calculation.
  • Configure the library setting for employee & student individually.
Pre - Admission Management
  • Admission Form Sale for different classes.
  • Student Registration.
  • Entrance Test Schedule.
  • Merit Calculation.
  • Related Reports.
Admission Management
  • Manage application from sale.
  • Manage student registration.
  • Manage the entrance tests & merit list.
  • Manage student old/ new admissions.
  • Use the Fast Mode of Admission named Short Admission.
  • Assign the fee heads as per the student category.
  • Mark the student if he/she leaves or restricted from the school.
  • View the class occupancy Status.
  • Transfer the Amount collected through form sale to Accounts Module.
  • Readmit the students who dropped or restricted by the school.
  • Customize the fee schedule for each student.
  • Assign the Roll Nos. to the students
  • View the visa details of the students
Student Management
  • View the complete profile of the student on a single screen that includes, Personal Profile, Fee Schedule, Fee deposit details, Fee Defaulter-ship Details, Exam Details and Library Fine Details.
  • Manage the certificate generation like T.C., Character Certificate, and D.O.B.
  • Manage the information of medical tests conducted in the School.
  • Manage the Student Leaves and Attendance Register.
  • Assign Class Monitors and Class Teachers
  • Prepare the Class wise - Subject wise Syllabus.
  • Prepare the Class wise - Subject wise Syllabus Schedule.
  • Capture the information of syllabus actually covered by the teachers.
  • Generate the Scheduled Vs Actual Syllabus covered Statement.
  • Generate the student I-Cards.
  • Generate the Student Birthday Reminder.
  • View the class wise, gender wise student strength and total school strength.
Employee Management
  • Maintain the contact and the daily wages worker details.
  • Prepare Wages Sheet for the Contact, Administration and Commercial Department employees.
  • Calculate salary based on the leaves, lunch duration, overtime days parameters.
  • Leaves [Half Day and Premium Day] are clubbed to calculate Salary accordingly.
  • Generate the pay sheet & pay slip, Pay Summary, Pay status Reports.
  • Generate the Bank and PF Statements department wise and complete.
  • Manage the arrear calculation.
  • Manage the PF calculation on dynamic parameters.
  • Invoke different type of certificate (i.e. Experience certificate, Character certificate, No objection certificate and salary certificate).
  • Manage the loan and advances taken by the employees.
  • Generate the Loan & Advance Status and Maturity List.
Fees Management
  • Estimate the fee collection class wise & month wise using fee bill.
  • View the depositors and defaulters against the estimation.
  • Assign the fee concession on different fee heads student wise.
  • Manage the fee collection.
  • Manage the fee collection for the next session.
  • Post the Cash Collection and post the Cheques in Accounting Module.
  • View Fee Collection Class Wise.
  • View Fee Collection Student Wise.
  • View Fee Collection Date Wise.
  • View Fee Collection Heads Wise.
  • Maintain Due Balance & Fee Defaulters.
  • Fee Reminder For Student.
  • Generate the Bank Slip for the students in order to deposit the fee in bank.
Transport Management
  • Assign the stoppage according to the route.
  • Assign the stoppage according to the route to the student.
  • View the stoppage & route details
  • View the details of the vehicle according to the route and stoppage
  • View the collection of transport based on different criteria.
  • Maintain the Vehicle Run Log Book
  • Keep track of the expenses incurred on a vehicle in any account like fuel, driver, maintenance etc.
  • Reminder for insurance renewal for vehicle
  • Transfer the expenses to the accounting module.
  • Generate the Profit & Loss Statement for all or selected vehicle
  • Generate the Expenses Summary.
  • Can Generate the Date-wise expenses report.
Syllabus Management
  • Class-wise Syllabus Creation Related Reports.
  • Class-wise Syllabus Schedule.
  • Syllabus executed by the Teacher Entry.
  • Teachers Performance Evaluation.
  • Syllabus Analysis to view the class wise, Exam wise syllabus status.
  • Related Reports.
Examination Management
  • Prepare Date Sheet for the Exams.
  • Captivate the Class Wise, Student Wise Marks in Different Subjects In a particular Exam.
  • Calculate the Subject Wise Grade & Student Division.
  • Generate the Cross List for Classes.
  • Generate the Final Result For the Classes.
  • Generate Marks Sheet for the Student.
  • Generate the List of Pass/Fail/Supplementary Student Class Wise & Over All.
  • Generate the Subject Wise Result.
  • Generate Merit/Scholar’s List.
  • View the Teacher’s Performance in Exam.
  • View the Graphical Performance of the Student.
Library Management
  • Mange Books Entries with Specification like Accession No., Category, Criteria, Author, Publication, Volume, Edition etc.
  • Mange Book Issue & Book Return to Student & Employees individually.
  • Manage the Book Purchase and Receipt for Library.
  • Calculate the Fine & if the book is Damaged or returned late in Any Means.
  • Use our extensive book search feature based on different criteria like Category, Publication, Author, Subject, and Contents etc.
Time-Table Management
  • Create Different Time Table for Summer & Winter Session.
  • Create Time Table for Teacher’s Subject Wise.
  • Control the Vacancy Replacement Automatically.
  • Manage the Arrangement & Replacement of the Teachers.
  • Generate Time Table Report.
  • Generate Teacher’s Arrangement Report.
Accounts Management
  • Manage the cash payments, cash receipts, bank payments and bank receipts.
  • Reconcile the Cheque posted in bank for clearance.
  • View the Daybook and Cashbooks.
  • Prepare the trial balance of the account groups and accounts.
  • Prepare the Detailed, Group-wise, and Account-wise Balance Sheet.
  • Generate the Account Ledger, Account Summary and Account Registers Reports.
  • Facility for Material Purchase.
  • Facility for Counter Sale and Material Issue from Department to Department and Employees.
  • Ample Infosoft India Pvt. Ltd. prompts message if the item quantity reaches to critical Level.
  • Inventory Reports.
  • Stock Reports.
  • Stock Summary
  • Stock Register
  • Stock Ledger
Infirmary Management
  • Can Manage Medicines, Vaccines, Doctors and disease Records.
  • Can manage the in-school medical treatment records for students.
  • Can manage the in-school medical treatment records for employees.
  • Can manage the Doctor visit Records for Health checkup and Vaccinations for Students.
  • Can manage the Doctor visit Records for Health checkup and Vaccinations for Employees.
  • Can create the Health Cards for Students and Employees.
Front Office Management
  • Pre-Admission Activities.
  • Student and Parents can get General, Fee Related and Time-Table related information.
  • Employees can get General, Time-Table Related and Payroll Related information.
  • Vehicle Schedule and status information one can get from Front Office Module.
  • Visitor's information and appointments information.
  • Event related information one can get.
  • Exam Schedule and Result Related information one can get.
Home-Work Management
  • Teacher can assign Home work to students subject and class-wise.
  • Teacher can check the home work done subject and Student-wise.
  • Teacher can generate Reports for Student wise and class-wise home-work done
Hostel Management
  • Multiple Hostels can be managed along with Rooms and facilities.
  • Facility for Room/Bed Assignment to the Hostlers.
  • Facility for Room Change
  • Daily Hostel Attendance
  • Leave Management. for Hostler Students
  • Warden Record, Visitor Records and Complaint Management
Canteen Management with Meal Plan
  • Student Registration in Canteen
  • Different Canteen attributes creation like Item Group, Items, and Item Recipes Creation.
  • Recipe Creation as per formulae
  • Recipe Sale
  • Edible Raw Material Purchase
  • Edible Raw Material Issue and Return
  • Recipe Stock Summary and Stuck Register
  • Edible Raw Material Stock Summary and Stock Register
  • Day-wise Meal Plan for Students
  • Meal Plan Cost Estimation
  • Material Requirement Calculation as per day wise meal plan.
Utility Management
  • One can change the Student Admission No.
  • Transfer the student from one section to another.
  • Promote And Demote the Students from one Class to another.
  • Conduct the Session End Processing to transfer the Students to next session. This utility transfers the Accounting Closing Balances and Item Stock to the Next session.
  • Package Consist of above 300-350 reports on different criteria.
User Accounts Management
Different Operators may be allowed to operate specific modules only which can be categories as follows:
  • Administrative level
  • Operator level
  • Teacher's level
  • As per User
Data Backup & Restoration Management
  • Database backup and restoration is an essential part of any database application for hassle free working; in case the data is lost or corrupted.
  • Ample Infosoft India Pvt. Ltd. is also equipped with a database backup and restoration feature the backs up the data as and when required for further use.