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Solutions Credit Co-Operative Society
Credit Co-Operative Society Features
Accounts Module
  • Maintain the record of all Accounts of society and members of society.
  • Management of all types of Loans and deposit accounts of member/non-member like Saving Deposit, F.D. (Fixed Deposit), R.D. (Recurring Deposit) along with their interest rate calculation.
Financial Transactions
  • Dealing with different type of Vouchers like
    • Cash
    • Transfer
    • Loan to member
    • Loan receipt
    • Profit distribute
    • Deposit / Withdrawal Voucher
  • Following Printing options are available in Vouchers:
    • Receipt Printing
    • Bill Printing
    • Passbook Printing
    • Daily Annexure Printing
    • Bond Printing
  • Photo and Signature of the member can also be verified during transactions.
  • Maturity and Pre-Maturity
Reporting Module
Includes all necessary reports for society
  • All necessary Reports are included in this module.
  • Reports can be viewed either in CAS format or regular format.
  • Includes following type of reports which include Sale
    • Financial Reports
    • Loan/Recovery Reports
    • Defaulter Reports
    • Saving/Deposit Reports
    • Society management
    • Miscellaneous Reports
    • Extra Reports like:
      • Saving accounts
      • Deposits
      • Investment Ledgers
      • Membership Detail Reports
      • Asset Register and Account Opening/Closing Register
Staff Module
  • Staff Registration
  • Staff Attendance
  • Salary Sheet
  • Distribute Salary
Scheme Module
  • Add Scheme
  • View Scheme
  • Agent Commission
Security Module
This Module provides various security features for the software
  • User Level Security controlling each entry in software
  • Maintaining User History Log
  • Easy to operate and user friendly.
  • Fully Windows based Integrated Software and Multi-user Software.
  • Online queries for Pass Book, Account Balance, Liability Surety etc.
  • Photograph and Signature view option.
  • Graphs showing Loans and Deposit position.
  • Multilevel user Access Security and Password control on all the menu options.
  • Easy to operate and User friendly.
  • Fully Windows based Multi User Online Integrated Software.
  • Fully Windows based Integrated Software. Running on any windows version from Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT to Windows 2000 platform.
  • Online Enquiries for Pass Book, Address and Liability Surety details.
  • Photograph and Signature view option.
  • Multilevel user access security with password control on all the option.
  • Supports unlimited user access and unlimited security level.
  • High End Data Security.
  • Data Transaction Logging and Roll Back.
  • Deposit Renewal Report
  • Agent Commission Report
  • Day Book
  • Matured Deposit Report
  • New Account opened Report
  • Agent wise Deposits Report
  • Account Closed Report
  • Account Balance Book
  • Profit and Loss Statement
  • Loan Interest Applied Report
  • Balance Sheet
  • Loan Incidental Charges Applied Report
  • Party Statement
  • Loan Overdue Report
  • Account wise Advice Generation
  • Member Shares Register
  • Closed Account Report
  • Deposit Receipt Printing
  • Deposit Balance Book
  • Passbook Printing
  • Passbook Printing
  • Share Certificate Printing
  • Recurring Deposit Register
  • Small Saving Interest Payable Report
  • JV
  • Contra